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L-Methylfolate (Standalone Formula) L-Methylfolate (Standalone Formula)
Support positive mood and emotional well-being

Folate is important for the normal production of the mood balancing…

B-Complex + L-Methylfolate B-Complex + L-Methylfolate
Support positive mood and nourish overall energy

Lack of energy can have its roots in other unbalanced systems. When we lack…

L-Methylfolate + Cofactors L-Methylfolate + Cofactors
Support positive mood and soothe feelings of stress

Balancing mood is a delicate biological process that involves both the…

Multivitamin + L-Methylfolate Multivitamin + L-Methylfolate
Support positive mood and fill in nutritional gaps.

The Multivitamin + 15 mg L-Methylfolate is a one-a-day answer to common…

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Almost all chronic conditions are linked to methylation imbalances affecting mood, cardiovascular health, pregnancy outcomes, neuropathy and many more. Yet roughly 50% of Americans have genetic variations that make it difficult for their bodies to convert folic acid or folate (a B vitamin essential to life), to remedy these imbalances, putting them at risk. For this portion of the American population, MethylPro's L-methylfolate supplementation is far more effective in providing the folate the body needs for optimal health.

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